Departing from Sorong the S/Y Indo Siren cruises southwards towards Misool, stopping for “muck” dives on the dark sand slopes of Batanta where its critters galore! We then spent up to 3 days diving a variety of sites in the Misool area for their stunning corals, including Boo Windows and Gorgonian Passage where sea fans dominate the scenery. Heading back northwards we dive around Fam Penemu & Yangeffo islands. Here we find the site of Citrus Ridge, where carpets of brightly coloured soft corals can be found close to the surface which, illuminated by natural sunlight, make this dive site spectacularly beautiful.

There is time for snorkelling in the mangroves and a visit to tiny Airborek Island along with a dusk dive at the pier before heading on to Mansuar for some manta ray action at Manta Sandy. In the Dampier Strait there are the fish and lots of them, in more shapes and sizes than anywhere else in the world. Not only are there numerous species, but all the levels of the food chain are well represented – from pygmy seahorses to larger pelagics. The most famous sites include Cape Kri and Sardine where speedy drifts can be expected. The reefs in Raja Ampat just buzz with life! Manta rays, wobbegong sharks and epaulette sharks can all be found in the waters of the Four Kings.

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