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  • Dogs


    Spent a day together with these lovely dogs in a rehab/training pool and managed to get most of them comfortable enough to be close to me, e.g that strange person in a black wetsuit and mask and a huge camera in front of me:=) Had a great day, thanks to […]

  • Fun in Florida

    Fun in Florida

    The Florida manatee occurs primarily in Florida and southeastern Georgia. It is usually found in freshwater, brackish, and saltwater habitats. Because manatees cannot survive very long in water below 68 degrees Fahrenheit, south Florida and some natural springs make to the Florida manatee’s natural winter range.

  • Into the caves

    Into the caves

    The cenotes are water holes in the jungle produced by a process of dissolution and collapse of limestone terrain located above an underground network of caves and rivers.

  • Nudibranchs of the world

    Nudibranchs of the world

    Nudibranchs, meaning “naked gills” consist of soft-bodied sea slugs and are members of the classGastropoda in the phylum Mollusca. Nudibranchs can be found anywhere from the depths of the ocean, to tidal pools, to coral reefs, but are most diverse in tropical waters.

  • Coldwater diving in the Nordic countries

    Coldwater diving in the Nordic countries


  • Whalesharks & Mantas

    Whalesharks & Mantas


  • Mexico diving

    Mexico diving


  • Phototrip with the S/Y Philippine Siren

    Phototrip with the S/Y Philippine Siren

    16 happy UW photographers, just spent 10 amazing days on the fantastic liveaboard S/Y Philippine Siren in the southern part of Visayas-Philippines. This trip was organized by Scuba Travel Scandinavia and their ambassadors Jennie Soriano and Anders Salesjo.

  • Sailfish adventure in Mexico

    Sailfish adventure in Mexico

    In the clear, warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico, a large school of small fish goes to and fro. Suddenly, silver flashes streak through the ocean. At a staggering speed (over 60 mph), powerful creatures, their bodies long and slender, their heads carrying a sharp blade, plough through the sardines, leaving large holes in their wake and feasting on the ones that were still stunned by the violence of the attack.

  • Freediving




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