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  • Mexico diving

    Mexico diving


  • Phototrip with the S/Y Philippine Siren

    Phototrip with the S/Y Philippine Siren

    16 happy UW photographers, just spent 10 amazing days on the fantastic liveaboard S/Y Philippine Siren in the southern part of Visayas-Philippines. This trip was organized by Scuba Travel Scandinavia and their ambassadors Jennie Soriano and Anders Salesjo.

  • Sailfish adventure in Mexico

    Sailfish adventure in Mexico

    In the clear, warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico, a large school of small fish goes to and fro. Suddenly, silver flashes streak through the ocean. At a staggering speed (over 60 mph), powerful creatures, their bodies long and slender, their heads carrying a sharp blade, plough through the sardines, leaving large holes in their wake and feasting on the ones that were still stunned by the violence of the attack.

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